Max the German Shepard EDC Bottle Opener, breacher

Max the German Shepard EDC Bottle Opener, breacher

Protect your pocket gear with Max our German Shepherd bottle opener. Max is 1.878" tall X 1.547" wide.
Our Max openers come in 1/4" Stainless steel and Brass. Opens bottles with the bottom of the opener. Each opener comes with a dog bone lanyar and an authenticity card containing the metal type, born on date, design description and serial number.

This design is a McGuff's Designs original and is copyright 2020 by McGuff's Designs. No copying or altering of this design is permitted. You may not use a photo, drawing or any other image of this design without explicit permission. All McGuff's Designs openers have a verifiable serial code for authenticity.
McGuff's Designs does not intend for any design to be used in any manner other than the manner intended to be used. McGuff's Designs takes no responsibility for any injury inflicted by or by use of our designs. By purchasing our items you agree to these terms.

© 2019 by McGuff's Designs. 

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