Megalodon EDC Hank, pocket square, EDC gear

Megalodon EDC Hank, pocket square, EDC gear

Make a mega statement with this unique 12" Megalodon EDC Hank. This hank is made from 100% cotton fabric and is machine washable. All of our Hanks are double stitched using a stretch stitch to aid in maintaining the original Hank shape as well as adding durability. The embroidery design is approximately 5.83" wide X 4.79" tall and pictures the Megalodon/Great White shark.

This design is a McGuff's Designs original embroidery file and is copyright 2020 by McGuff's Designs. No copying or altering of this design is permitted. You may not use a photo, drawing or any other image of this design without explicit permission.

© 2019 by McGuff's Designs. 

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